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It's been a long journey from the farm yard to the forecourt..

Unbeatablecar can trace its origins way back in 1973, when Fred Sopp started selling used cars from his drive way in the Sussex village of Upper Beeding.  Initially conducted on a small scale - with most sales going to neighbours and friends – the business quickly started to grow as word spread locally of the bargains to be had.

As the business grew, premises were needed and a small lockup was rented in Angel Sand pit, an old redundant sand quarry on the outskirts of Storrington. This is where Fred pioneered the art of bulk buying, purchasing large quantities of cars and vans to negotiate a better discount. Soon Fred found himself to be main trade supplier of vehicles to some of the largest garages in East & West Sussex.

By the late 70’s it was clear that bigger premises were needed, which prompted a move to Blanches Farm in Partridge Green. The bulk purchasing format was working well, enabling Fred to be able to supply some of the highest quality cars at prices well below the local competition.

The volume of vehicles kept rolling through, to the extent that by the mid-1980's it was clear that even bigger premises would be needed. By this time Fred's son Mark Sopp, and Business Partner Linda Moore, had joined the business. The search for a bigger, dedicated site led them to Jefferies Farm, a 40 Acre farm located in Coneyhurst, just outside of Billingshurst, which became the family home.

Now with time split between farming and car sales, the business continued to grow, & soon there were cars parked in hay barns and stable yards. During the summer months the business was able to expand its vehicle stock into the fields.

Word travelled quickly about this farm that had great cars for sale at incredibly low prices, & the fields and stable yards were soon swamped with customers looking for a great deal.

By the mid 90’s, frustrated with the particularly high prices that the franchised dealers were charging the public for brand new cars, Fred embarked on campaign to correct this. He discovered that due to EU laws it was perfectly possible to order brand new, right hand drive cars from Belgium, and import them in to the UK, Not only could these be sold as Brand New with amazing discounts. but the cars would also benefit from the manufacturers warranty. The era of parallel imports was born!

This is when things really took off. Jefferies farm became the largest supplier of Brand New cars in the South of England, suppling more brand new discounted cars to the public than all of the franchised dealers put together. The savings to be had were astonishing, & quite often Jefferies farm were able to supply a brand-new car 50% less than the franchised dealer. As you would imagine things got busy, and we still had hay to bale and sheep to shear.

By early 2000 it became clear that things were too busy for a small Sussex farm. With, how shall we put it diplomatically?..,’persuasion’ from the local council, it was decided we need to find a site that could cope with the volume of vehicles and customers we were now attracting.

In 2002 the whole operation moved to, what was at the time, the largest single warehouse in Sussex. The ex-Canon distribution warehouse is a 2-acre building situated on a 3.5 acre site at Gatwick Road, on the Manor Royal estate in Crawley, just off the M23 and a stones throw from Gatwick Airport.

With room for 700 cars in what was by then the UK’s largest indoor car showroom, the new site gave the business the room it needed to expand, but within 6 years it again became apparent that bigger premises would be needed.

By 2008 a nearby 6-acre site located in Fleming way on the Manor Royal Estate, was chosen to be the new home of Unbeatablecar. With the ability to hold over 1,000 cars for sale, it continues as our main head office premises today.

January 2014 saw expansion for the company again with the opening of Unbeatablecar’s 3rd site at Anchorage Road, Portsmouth.

Close to the M27, this impressive 5.5 acre site is capable of holding 650 cars, enabling Unbeatablecar to bring the same heavily discounted vehicles to the residents of Portsmouth, Southampton, & the whole of Hampshire.

Surprisingly with all this going on we still find the time to bottle feed baby piglets & lambs, clean out the chickens, heard the sheep, dig ditches & mend fences.

Now where’s that dog put my wellies?


Adventure pig, Sleepy pig, Laughy pig, Super pig & Noisey pig having breakfast, sleepy got his name because he falls asleep whilst feeding, if you look closely you can see his eyes closing..Bless him