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Used BMW 5 Series Crawley

Used BMW 5 Series


The BMW 5 series is in a class all of it's own.  The journey is unforgettable combining exceptional driving dynamics with elegance.  The BMW 5 series comes with out compromise on its driving performance and will pamper you all the way to your location.  From the time you sit in the car the feeling is instance, every inch of the interior is tailored to the drivers experience. It's every bit sumptuous as you would expect.  Various switches and dials feel slick and sturdy adding high quality to the feel.  iDrive interface comes as standard allowing you to operate numerous functions by scrolling on screen menus with a central dial.  This is brilliant and clear with logical menu and clear graphics giving the driving sleek control of all functions.

The BMW 5 series is built to be highly efficient switching from Eco to pro mode as required.  The entire journey becomes focused on fuel economy can result in a 20% reduction in consumption.

BMW are ahead of time offering the 5 series as testament to the BMW efficient dynamics philosophy.  Star performers are 518d and 520d both of whcih average 60mpg and release co2 at a rate which places them in an impressive low band for car tax.