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Used BMW X1 Crawley

The BMW X1 offers 4x4 lovers a comfort secure vehicle without the environment concerns.  Experts quote quality ride, impressive running costs and excellent practicality for this lovely 4x4 starter. The interiors take shape in the traditional styling of BMW - owners recognise the classic dials instantly with its chunky steering wheel and supportive seats.  The built to last feeling offers the BMW driver the comfort and security of familiarity and style they expect from a BMW car.  Extra height for headroom in the front and a useful boot space in the back the BMW mini 4x4 a great family car.  The X1 is easy to manoeuvre around town and with its extra ground clearance gives you piece of mind over speed bumps and curbs.  

Given that the BMW X1 is a 4x4 it is very much a road biased car, this makes perfect sence for BMW as they consider how much will the X1 actually be used off road.  For most of their customers they may never ever use the X1 off road.  The X1 is fitted with non run flat tyres contributing to a quality of ride.  BMW have an excellent reputation for build and the X1 is impressively an economical example of this.