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Named as the original sporty SUV the BMW X5 was'nt just big, practical and comfortable but was an amazing drive too.  The BMW X5 remains a fine choice of vehicle, whether you consider a new or used X5 they are exceptional cars.  The drive, the sharp handling, the powerful engine and fabulous gearbox the X5 is a serious consideration when choosing your next 4x4.

The X5 ticks every box for a large SUV buyer who want their 4x4 to look stylish and enviable.  The interior may not quite have the look and feel of the Audi Q7 or the simple feel of the Volvo XC90 but buyers cannot find fault with the BMW X5.  Sport models come with the electrical adjustments as standard but pushes the price boundries.  The controls are simple and easy to use, logically set our and with iDrive infotainment system remains one of the best of its kind.  

Like all 4x4 available the BMW does a fabulous job of isolating you from any imperfections on the road.  Some owners want to take their 4x4 off road and the BMW is competent for this terrain. The only car to rival the on road performance is the Porsche Cayenne which feels more agile.  

All this power and beauty comes with the reputation of being notoriously inefficient.  The BMW X5 is cleaner than most and manages a competitive 47.9mpg.  Running costs for any larger 4x4 will be quite high including services, insurance and replacment parts being on the high side.   However with regular servicing the Second Hand X5 has traditionally held a strong resale value.  You can be assured of a good part exchange price when changing your BMW X5.