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Citroen DS4

The French Designers Citroen desire to make the DS brand stand out as whole, the DS4 is the brands answer to the premium mid sized family cars which competes against rivals VW Golf and BMW1 Series.  In choosing the name DS, Citroen hope to remind buyers of how famously comfortable and technologically advance the DS model is.  It's unique looks and plush interior may appeal to style conscious buyers.  

Tradional family hatchback cars like Audi A3 and Volvo V40 are somewhat left behind when it comes to the French styling of the DS range as it straddles between the family hatchback and compact SUV classes.  This hatchback definately invites comparison to the driving experience of the Ford Focus and the Renault Kadjar.  

The DS4 offers drivers a blend of performance and economy with a road tax exemption and an average return of 72.4mpg.  This super hatchback is impressive leaving its drivers extremely happy.