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New, Nearly New & Used Mercedes Benz For Sale

Who doesn’t like Mercedes Benz? Mercedes Benz cars are renowned for class and style and come with a range of luxury interiors and exclusive features. As with everything, luxury comes at a premium and cars are no different. However, as a car supermarket we’re able to offer some fantastic Mercedes Benz cars at quite extraordinary prices – often thousands of pounds cheaper than the main franchised dealers.

Whether you want to browse through our online selection or come and visit us in Portsmouth, Crawley or Billingshurst (West Sussex), we will have a wide selection of new, nearly new and used Mercedes Benz available for you to have a look at. From the relatively inexpensive A-Class through to the sporty dream of an SLK-Class, no matter your budget, taste or requirements, we will have something suited to you.

We make buying a new car enjoyable at Unbeatable Car – honest! Our website uses really clever software (get us) that allows you to look at both the inside and the outside of your new potential car, and if you come and visit our Portsmouth, Crawley or Billingshurst car supermarkets, you’ll be given a list of the current stock, shown where everything you need is, and then left to your own devices.

“What no pushy sales people following me around?” we hear you cry, and you would be right. We want to make the experience as relaxed and comfortable for you as possible. When you’re ready to speak to someone we’ll be there, but until then we’ll just leave you to explore the unlocked cars in your own time.

Once you’ve decided on your new Mercedes Benz car our sales team are available to answer any questions you might have. If you’re looking online, our live chat facility allows you to ask our online experts too. Come on, let’s find you that dream car!

Click here for directions to our Crawley or Billingshurst car supermarkets.