Unbeatable Deals On Nearly New & Used Nissan’s

When you purchase your nearly new or used car from us at Unbeatable Car, we will guarantee that you will get an unbeatable deal – clue’s in the name! As one of the UK’s largest independent car dealers, we are pleased to regularly stock the full range of Nissan cars at our car supermarkets in Crawley, Portsmouth and Billingshurst (West Sussex).

Worldwide, the Nissan brand can be relied upon for its manufacturing quality - the dependability, affordability, and power of these Japanese cars is the key to Nissan’s success. The reliable models that Nissan have to offer include; the ever popular, small hatchback – the Micra, the un-mistakable supermini SUV – the Juke, and the practical and economical mini MPV – the Note. The most recent and arguably most popular addition to the Nissan range is the super stylish crossover – the Qashqai, designed to rival some of the more expensive crossovers available in the automotive industry.

Not only can you take a look around our current Nissan stock by visiting us in Portsmouth, Crawley or Billingshurst, you can also find it on our website. Our clever software (get us!) allows you to view both the outside and inside of all of our cars, as if you were viewing them at one of our car supermarkets. You’ll also be presented with all the important information needed at just one click of a button, including; year of manufacture, mileage, mpg, body type etc.

If you do decide to pop down and visit us, our team of friendly experts will be waiting to welcome you in. They will show you where everything is, provide you with a list of the current stock and leave you to explore the cars at your own leisure. We don’t hassle or annoy you whilst you are looking around the cars, we like to create a relaxed atmosphere as we know this can usually be quite a stressful time. When you are ready to move onto the next step, we will be on hand to answer your questions, take you for a test drive and discuss payment plans.

Why not start looking now? Click around our website and find your favourites. Speak to one of our experts through our live chat facility or visit us at one of car supermarkets. Directions to each are available here – Portsmouth, Crawley and Billingshurst.