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Our used Smart dealer in Crawley & Billingshurst have everything that you could possibly need if you're looking to buy a hugely economical Smart Used Car.  If you're looking for a littble runabout, we have the perfect Smart second hand cars for your needs, without having to worry about paying the price tag that is attached to the newer models.  Add into the fact that Smart cars are so good for the environment, and there is no reason not to get one!

All the staff at our showrooms have been specialy trained to help you find the ideal Smart used car for you, meaning that no matter what questions you would like to ask, you are sure to be able to find the answer when you visit Unbeatablecar.

If Smart used cars is something you are interested in why not take a trip to one of our Unbeatable sites and take a look at the vehicles we have on offer!  Our team take pride in servicing our vehicles to meet the higheste standards so you can be sure that the Smart used cars you see are going to be something that you can enjoy for a long time to come.  For a closer look, come along and pay a visit to us and take the first steps towards finding the car of your dreams.