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Vauxhall Astra

Since its release in 1979, the Vauxhall Astra has been a popular choice for drivers, especially those looking for a sensible family car. The hatchback is consistently one of the UK’s best-selling cars in what is a very competitive vehicle market. So what is it about the Astra that’s so appealing to car owners?

Awarded the 2016 European Car of the Year, Vauxhall have continued to improve and refine the Astra in its newer models, but the ones before can still boast impressive fuel efficiency, spacious interiors and a high-quality finish.

The roomy boot is perfect for families, with enough space for a buggy, suitcases or flat pack furniture, further helped by its wide opening and square shape. There’s plenty of other storage space around the cabin too, with little cubbies and bins perfect for keeping your bits and bobs.

Passengers can enjoy ample leg and head room in the back, with the supportive seats and firm suspension making the Vauxhall Astra a comfortable ride for everyone in the car. For the driver, the car is light and has a number of powerful engine options that make it easy and fun to drive, with good grip and handling.

What’s more, it is reliable and has performed well in crash tests, scoring the maximum five stars in Euro NCAP's industry standard crash tests, with its front and side airbags and stability control keeping passengers safe.

If one of your main considerations for buying a car is affordability, the Astra is very competitively-priced in its class and holds its value well. It’s also efficient, with excellent fuel economy, especially if you opt for the diesel versions of the car.

Overall, it’s easy to see the Astra’s appeal for families – Vauxhall have manufactured a car that’s affordable, practical, safe and fun to drive, making it the perfect choice for your next family hatchback.