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Used VW Dealership Crawley

Welcome to Unbeatablecar used VW Dealership Crawley


We are one of the South’s favourite car supermarkets, one of the largest online car dealers in UK and a specialist used Volkswagen Dealer in Crawley. We sell a brilliant range of reliable Volkswagen second hand cars from our 6 acre site in West Sussex. All cars are low mileage, quality-assured and come with a 30 day Guarantee.

Volkswagen vehicles have long been regarded as some of the most reliable and safest cars on the road. German-engineered, they provide comfort and luxury in a range of versatile models from small city cars right through to large saloon cars, pickup trucks and multi-purpose vehicles.

Amongst their brilliant range, there are three standout cars which are incredibly popular due to their quality-engineering, style and design; the Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Golf and the Volkswagen Beetle. We regularly have some amazing deals on all three models with many cars coming into our showrooms with a range of added extras, such as: front and rear parking sensors, decal stripes, metallic paint and leather sports seats.

There are so many different variation combinations when it comes to Volkswagen cars; petrol and diesel engines, manual and automatic transmission, hatchbacks, estate cars and some really great fuel injection sports models. However, we’ve made it really easy for you to refine search results using a list of filters, to find your perfect Volkswagen and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

All Volkswagen used cars at Unbeatable Car come with a full HPI check by our team of qualified mechanics and we provide quality assurance with a 30 Day Guarantee which ensures your new Volkswagen is in tip-top working order – guaranteed!