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Volkswagen Passat CC

For a spacious and efficient executive car, the Volkswagen Passat is perhaps the best in its class. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle for business use or if you need a family car, the Passat is well-equipped, with an excellent build quality, great performance and an affordable price tag.

Available in saloon and estate models, when you opt for a Passat you can enjoy plenty of interior space to accommodate even your taller passengers and the generous door openings allow easier access into the back seats. To further add to the level of comfort, there’s plenty of opportunities for adjustment, which include flexible lumbar support, backrests, the seat base’s height and tilt, headrest angle and steering wheel height. With all of these features adjustable, in a Passat you can find the most comfortable driving position compared to any other vehicle in its class.

In terms of practicality, there’s a large boot and the spacious cabin is filled with useful storage compartments, including a central cubby and deep door pockets – perfect for keeping all your family’s bits and bobs.  The interior feels solid and well-built, which is ideal for families with small children, but it doesn’t sacrifice its smart and upmarket styling. 

As well as being comfortable and spacious, the Passat is also fun to drive. The punchy engines are more than capable of any type of driving, from country roads to motorway driving. It’s also comfortable, with a sport mode available that is perfect for driving on smooth roads. The Passat’s steering is consistently weighted and accurate, and there’s lots of front-end grip. There’s also good visibility of the road and if you opt for a model above the entry-level one, you can also enjoy the ease of front and rear parking sensors as standard.

All of this, as well as a competitive price tag, makes the Volkswagen Passat a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient executive car.