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Volkswagen Tiguan

If you’re looking for a vehicle that’s equal parts practicality and quality with high volumes of technology, the Volkswagen Tiguan could be a great vehicle for you.

As you may expect from a Volkswagen, the Tiguan is a great all-round package. If you have a growing family, then the space inside makes it a great choice, and the sturdy and well-built cabin means that it’s robust enough for the children. For the adults and drivers, there’s all the latest tech you could possibly ask for on offer in the range of trim levels.

It’s not the cheapest car in its class, but it is attempting to compete in the luxury SUV market, rather than trying to compete with the SEAT Ateca and Peugeot 3008.

The Tiguan is Volkswagen’s third best-selling vehicle, and with the way that the crossover performs, it’s simple to see why. There are five different trim levels to the Tiguan to suit your style, requirements and budget. The range starts with the S trim, followed by the SE, SE Navigation, SEL and R-Line models.

There are four-wheel and front-wheel drive options with the Tiguan, and both of these options are comfortable and capable options depending on your needs. Diesel and petrol options are both available, but the diesels currently account for around 95 per cent of sales. They’re smooth and powerful options, regardless of whether you’re just commuting or genuinely off-roading, which is possible thanks to VW’s 4MOTION all-wheel-drive system’s Off-Road setting.

Like most crossovers, cost is a consideration when it comes to the Tiguan, which is partially why it’s branded as a luxury SUV. In addition to this, running costs will also be high. The 114bhp 2,0-litre TDI model does return 60mpg, but still emits 115/kg of CO2, and sacrifices power to do so. The four-wheel drive and automatic variants also mean you take a further hit on economy, so if you opt for the Tiguan, you need to factor in pricy running costs.

However, that being said, if you’re looking for a well-refined, classy, stylish and well-made crossover, the Tiguan is a great choice.