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Volkswagen Touran

One of the most popular MPVs on Britain’s roads, the Volkswagen Touran has a reputation for being reliable and adaptable, making it an excellent choice for families. The Touran effortlessly combines a spacious interior (it’s a genuine seven-seater), with an exterior that features clean, elegant lines, and alloy wheels as standard.

The Volkswagen Touran comes with a range of engine sizes and features a six-speed gearbox, so whether you are a city dweller looking for unbeatable economy, or you straddle town and country and need a little more power, there’s an option that will suit you. Typically, you will get 50 mpg and a top speed of around 120 mph, while 0 to 60 mph is achieved in around 10 seconds.

Driving the Volkswagen Touran is a pleasure. The Touran is well balanced, the steering feels firm and intuitive, and the suspension makes for a firm but very comfortable experience. Entertainment comes courtesy of the digital infotainment system that includes MP3 and USB capabilities, as well as featuring a CD player. You can help to find your way around using the sat nav.

If you need to carry a lot of luggage, the Touran’s two rear seats fold away, leaving you with a five-seater and stacks of boot space. This is perfect if, for example, you are going on a family camping holiday.

Volkswagen are noted for making safe and reliable cars, and the Touran is no exception. It boasts up to nine airbags and in some of the latest models you’ll find automatic anti-collision braking systems and rear cross traffic alert - the car’s NCAP safety rating is an impressive five stars.

In this class, the Volkswagen Touran is hard to beat because you get all the reliability and performance you would expect from the German manufacturer, but at the same time bags of space and agility – it’s a win-win.