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Southampton VW Dealers

Southampton VW dealers

Unbeatable Car is a used Volkswagen dealer on the south coast - just half an hour from Southampton. This German brand has been popular for its reliability, safety, comfort and luxury in a wide range of models.

The three Volkswagen cars that have gained on-going popularity with the UK's drivers, including those in Southampton, are the impressively intelligent Polo, the distinctive Golf and the classic Beetle. These three models are iconic, especially the reintroduced Beetle.

Heading over to our nearly new dealership in Portsmouth, we know you will find just what you're looking for in the Volkswagen range. These three models come with a variety of options to suit your needs. Many of those in stock have added extras to make them even more stylish, such as metallic paint, leather sports seats and more.

Not only that, we can offer these nearly new models at prices you won't believe - mainly because of the size of our operation. So Sotonians (that's people from Southampton for everyone else) if you're looking for your dream Volkswagen, pay us a visit on the website or on site. We'll make it worth your while.