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Nearly New & Used Volvo’s – Unbeatable Deals!

Volvo became popular in the UK during the 1970s for building motor cars that were incredibly safe to drive, but perhaps a little starched in appearance – not anymore. While Volvo still have a great reputation for safety, their cars are now also regarded as some of the most stylish around, and they also deliver superb performance.

Volvo are a Swedish company and the range of cars that they produce is, in large part, a reflection of the cool, reserved, yet intelligent and uninhibited nation of their birth.

The smallest car in the Volvo range is the V40, a five door, sporty looking hatchback that was designed to rival the VW Golf, Audi A3 and others in its class.

Volvo are one of the leaders when it comes to green automotive technology and evidence of this can be seen from its plug-in hybrids. These are the V60, a twin-engine estate and the XC90, an SUV crossover.

Looking to the top of the Volvo range, you will see two very special cars, the new V90 estate and the S90 saloon, both of which are examples of Volvo at its most luxurious. Indeed, these cars are perhaps the modern-day embodiment of Volvo’s prestigious heritage.

Whilst browsing the Volvo range, it quickly becomes clear that what sets Volvo apart from many other manufacturers is a total lack of compromise. Dynamic exterior design lines and alloy wheels act as a platform and a shell for state-of-the-art engineering, plush, comfortable interiors and ground-breaking technology.

Look out for models with Drive-E for the ultimate balance between power and efficiency, digital key technology that allows you to connect to your car via your phone and the Volvo 360°camera for easier parking and manoeuvring.

So, if it is the full package you are looking for, exploring what Volvo has to offer is an absolute must.