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Volvo V60

The Volvo V60 is a sporty, spacious and versatile estate car. Inspecting the exterior will reveal that it has sleek contours, five doors, a low profile and an element of understated sophistication - something we have come to expect from Volvo. Amongst the standard features on the exterior are, integrated roof rails, rear park assist and rain sensors.

Part of the new breed of Volvos, the V60 is entertaining to drive, and it engages the driver in a way that Volvos of old simply didn’t. Firm handling harnesses the car’s power in such a way as to underline its maker’s pedigree as a safety-first manufacturer. The bottom line is that you get the best of both worlds, safety and thrills.

A refined interior awaits within the Volvo V60, as it offers extreme comfort whether you are hacking around town or travelling longer distances on the motorway. Even on the least expensive models, like the Business Edition T4 Manual, full leather upholstery comes as an option.

The Volvo V60 also has a bevy of technology that is used effectively to enhance the driving and passenger experience. The City Safe system, for example, will alert you if a pedestrian happens to step out in front of the car and at lower speeds will even bring the car safely to a halt. Technical advances in the design of the engine, meanwhile, will give an average of 74.3 mpg on some of the most economic models.

With top speeds of 155 mph and acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in an eyewatering 4.8 seconds, the V60 Polestar is by far the quickest in the range, but none of the V60 family will leave you feeling cheated when it comes to performance.

For safety, performance, versatility and comfort, the Volvo V60 range is up there with the very best in the class.