Convertibles in Crawley

Convertibles in Crawley

We are well into July and the temperature is rising as spring gives way to summer but our customers in Crawley love the choice of convertible cars, especially Mini’s, BMW 1 series, Audi A3’s and the larger BMW 3 series.

Luckily we’ve got a great selection of used convertibles in our Crawley car supermarket with a big selection of Mini’s, BMW’s and Audi’s from right across their ranges.

Mini’s seem to be perennially popular in all their forms, with their style still loved and the different varieties of Clubman, Paceman, Mini One and of course convertibles rivalling each other for looks and driveability. They really are great fun to drive and smooth both around town and on the motorway.

The Audi badge stands for innovative, and in many sizes, class leading design with advanced engines delivering economic yet swift driving. These cars are all very well made with solid components even in their smaller cars ensuring that you feel that you are in a luxury car even in the A1 or A2 range.

Meanwhile BMW is a fierce competitor to the Audi brand, with their cars trading plaudits across the ranges. The 1 series has been very much in demand since its launch in the UK and the often updated 3 series is still ever popular as an executive driving machine.

Which brings us back to the original point, convertibles. All of the brands mentioned provide great convertibles that we Brit’s seem to love regardless of the weather or the time of year. The feeling of wind in your hair as you twist down a country road with the autumn leaves swirling around your car is a joyous thing. Equally it may be that posing in your convertible suits you or maybe tearing up the motorway with the wind deflector up singing at the top of your voice.

Whatever your preference, it’s clear that convertibles pull at our heart strings in their own peculiar way and ensures that they’ll be seen as top of the range options by anyone buying a new or used car, ensuring their resale value remains good which in itself may be a good enough reason to buy one!

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