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RAC Approved Dealer

We pride ourselves on being an RAC Approved Dealer, supplying 1,000’s of quality RAC Approved vehicles every year.

The RAC brand is synonymous with quality and integrity, the same ideals we apply at Unbeatablecar every day. The approved dealer scheme was launched in January 2013 as a ground breaking program designed by the RAC, to create a high level of protection and reassurance for all used car buyers.

What is the RAC Approved Dealer Scheme?

The RAC’s main objective was to make it easy for motorists to find the good, reputable dealers, in an often crowded & confusing market place.

RAC Approved Dealers are the only dealers able to offer the Buysure scheme. Each dealer is regularly audited, their processes checked, and their quality thoroughly tested. Every Approved Dealer shares the RAC ethos for quality, integrity and exceptional customer service.


Why have Unbeatablecar decided to join the RAC Approved Dealer Program?

Buying a used car can become a complicated experience, and many people feel vulnerable or unsure of the right questions to ask. This can often lead to customers feeling rushed and pressured into buying a vehicle, without going through the necessary checks and inspections.

Having a car that has been confirmed as good quality, safe, and legal, by an RAC approved qualified professional, takes away these problems before you’ve even looked at it.

The RAC brand is one of the most trusted brands in the UK with an excellent reputation for high quality and honesty, and whilst we looked at several other scheme providers, the RAC stood head and shoulders above the rest.


What do Motorists get from an RAC Approved Dealer?

  • Confidence that the car is of the highest quality.
  • A certificate confirming that the vehicle has undergone, and passed, the RAC - 82 point Approved Vehicle Preparation Check.
  • An RAC Car Passport Certificate.
  • 3 Months RAC Warranty (extendable).
  • 12 Months RAC Roadside, Recovery, & At Home Breakdown Cover (extendable).
  • RAC Accident Care (for the duration of the breakdown cover).

Our experience tells us that customers who have a car checked in this way feel safer, less stressed, and are far happier that everything is in order. Unbeatablecar and all RAC Approved Dealers are committed to providing the very best quality cars and service, to ensure the customer receives a great vehicle with a fantastic buying experience.

What is the RAC Buysure Scheme?

The RAC recognise that customers want peace of mind when buying a used car, and we at Unbeatablecar want that too.  By purchasing a car from an RAC Approved Car Supermarket, you can rest assure it comes with a Premium BuySure complete package, listed here below in more detail.


Why do Unbeatablecar feel it is important to offer RAC Buysure to its customers?

Many people buy a car on its looks, so hearts can rule heads very easily, people feel vulnerable or unsure of the right questions to ask. It can be a worrying experience and motorists can find themselves confused and unsure about who to trust.

RAC Buysure completely eliminates this problem, turning a possible nightmare into a fantastic, pleasurable experience.



What Checks are done under the RAC Buysure Scheme?

The RAC Buysure check list includes:

Vehicle History

  1. VIN Inspection
  2. Vehicle History Report Obtained
  3. Scheduled Maintenance Performed (inc timing belt)
  4. Current MOT Certificate (if applicable)

Road Test

  1. Cruise Control (if applicable)
  2. Satisfactory starting, general performance and behaviour of the vehicle
  3. Particular attention to the operation of clutch, transmission, steering, suspension and brakes including A.B.S.
  4. Listen for abnormal noises
  5. After road test a visual check for fluid leak
  6. Gauges operate properly
  7. Check battery and starter motor start engine with ease from both hot and cold
  8. Check for excessive visual emissions from exhaust
  9. Check hot-starting and any evidence of over-heating
  10. Check no stored faults on the OBD
  11. Ensure correct operation and efficiency of the parking brake

Vehicle Exterior

  1. No dents or scratches visible to the eye from a distance of 2m
  2. Windscreen free from any damage that would exclude the vehicle from an MOT test
  3. Check for any corrosion around paint cracks or chips
  4. Operation and condition of exterior mirrors
  5. Check all previous structural body repairs/accident damage has been repaired to a satisfactory standard
  6. Check body panel/alignment
  7. Operation of fuel filler system including petrol caps and lever release system
  8. Operation of bonnet catch, safety catch, hinges, tailgate supports
  9. Operation of door locks and central locking including child safety locks.
  10. Inspect exterior trim for security and correct fitment

Vehicle Interior

  1. Operation of door windows (manual / electric)
  2. Operation of all exterior lighting equipment and respective control lights and cluster illumination
  3. Operation of front and rear wipers and washers including headlight washers if applicable.
  4. Operation of convertible roof mechanism (if applicable)
  5. Visual check of SRS functionality
  6. All warning lights operate correctly
  7. Operation of audio and alarm systems
  8. Operation of Navigation System (if applicable)
  9. Operation of Air-conditioning, heating and demist systems
  10. Operation of instruments, gauges and controls
  11. Operation of all internal equipment (e.g. 12v socket, sun visors, arms rests, etc.)
  12. Operation of visual and audible driver warning systems, including horn
  13. Operation of parking assistance systems (if applicable)
  14. All drive pedals operate correctly
  15. Ensure no evidence of water ingress
  16. Operation and condition of seatbelts / mountings
  17. Security of seat mountings, head rests and seat adjustment mechanism
  18. Operation of interior lights
  19. Operation of rear view mirror /sun visors
  20. Check operation and condition of sunroof mechanism (if applicable)
  21. Ensure correct operation of parcel shelf
  22. Inspect interior trim/dashboard for tears, holes, burns or excessive soiling

Road Wheels & Tyre Check

  1. Ensure vehicle jack, tool kit, locking wheel nut and safety equipment (where applicable) are in place
  2. Ensure minimum tread depth of 3mm across all tyres including spare (if applicable)
  3. Ensure road wheels are free from distortion, gouges or visible cracking
  4. Ensure tyres are free from cuts, bulges and inappropriate repairs
  5. Inspect for evidence of uneven tyre wear or casing damage

Engine Compartment

  1. Check engine oil for correct level and dipstick oil sample is free from contamination
  2. Check coolant for correct level and that coolant is free from visual contamination
  3. Check vehicles charging system for minimum output
  4. Ensure correct gearbox fluid levels manual / automatic (where applicable)
  5. Check all Fluid Levels: e.g. brake, clutch, power steering, washer reservoir and battery (including security)
  6. Inspect auxiliary drive belts, condition and tension
  7. Check engine mountings for security and condition
  8. Inspect wiring, pipes, hoses, oil and fuel feed lines for routing, check for damage, chafing and leaks (where visible)
  9. Check for oil and water leaks
  10. Check condition of cooling system radiator and engine oil cooler/intercooler are free from damage or excessive corrosion
  11. Ensure no evident undue engine noise
  12. For hybrid vehicles only:
  13. Check operation of Hybrid cooling system
  14. Inspect switchable powertrain mount Hybrid entertainment and information display
  15. Check entertainment and information display


  1. Check exhaust condition and mountings
  2. Check clamps and security
  3. Ensure no evidence of fluid or exhaust leaks
  4. Check Catalytic Converter
  5. Check operation and condition of steering for leaks and security
  6. Check tie rod ends, CV boots and rack boots condition
  7. Check condition of front and rear suspension
  8. No visual evidence of faults to braking components
  9. Ensure brake pads have a minimum of 50% material remaining
  10. Check underbody for excess corrosion and ensure that the chassis is free from extensive structural repairs
  11. Ensure transmission/driveshaft is secure and free from excessive play


  1. Fully cleaned and valeted vehicles
  2. Owners Guide
  3. Keys and remote fobs
  4. Service history (if applicable)


What benefits do Unbeatablecar customers get from RAC Buysure?

  • As standard each customer will receive a certificate to confirm that the vehicle has passed its 82 point RAC Buysure Inspection.
  • Every Customer will receive a 3 month RAC Warranty that is easily extendable for up to 3ys of comprehensive cover.
  • 3 months RAC Roadside Breakdown including home start & Recovery for every customer.
  • Enrolment into the RAC Accident Management Service, supporting the customer in the event of an accident.
  • RAC Car Passport certificate to confirm that the vehicle has a clean history with no outstanding finance or major accident damage.

What is RAC Combined GAP and RTI Insurance?


GAP stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection, and that’s exactly what is does.

In the event of a total loss, Gap insurance is designed to cover the difference between your motor insurance and the amount you originally paid for the car, or the amount outstanding on finance – whichever is greater.

RAC Combined GAP and RTI Insurance is intended to provide financial protection against this loss, when buying your car, regardless of how you originally funded the purchase.


How does RAC Combined GAP and RTI work?


  • Return To Invoice (RTI) cover will ensure to you get back what you originally paid for the car.
  • Finance Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) will cover the “gap” between the amount paid out by the motor insurance provider (the settlement) and the amount still due to be repaid on the finance that was taken out to purchase the vehicle.
  • Combined Guaranteed Asset Protection covers for all eventualities and will pay out the greater of the Finance GAP or RTI amount, up to the purchase price of your car.

An Example

If you bought your vehicle outright and paid £26,500 for your car and your motor insurance pay-out is £14,000, RTI can pay up to the difference of £12,500 to top it up to the original £26,500. If you had an outstanding finance payment of £17,500 Finance GAP insurance may pay out up to £3,500.

In this instance the Combined GAP and RTI payment would be £12,500.


RAC Combined GAP and RTI Insurance can provide protection for a term to suit you from 12 months up to a maximum of 60 months for GAP cover and 36 Months for the RTI cover and will pay out up to the purchase price of the vehicle or the outstanding finance, whichever is the greatest.

RAC GAP and RTI Insurance is fully cancellable. If you wish to cancel, providing no claim has been made, you may be entitled to a pro-rata refund on the remainder of the policy calculated monthly for each full month left to run subject to terms and conditions.

RAC Combined Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance is subject to terms and conditions. You should note there are certain limitations in terms of the maximum amount you may claim. 

What is RAC Car Passport?

Before any vehicle can become an Unbeatablecar, its pedigree has to be proven to be of the highest standard.

More complex that the standard run of the mill history check, the RAC Car Passport combines information from Experian, Glasses, WhatCar, and the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), to provide the most comprehensive report currently available in the UK.


About RAC Car Passport.

Launched in February 2016, RAC Car Passport has been an incredible success. It has excelled in taking on existing services such as HPI, Experian and CDL, the RAC Car Passport has delivered, to both the dealer and the customer, something that has been lacking in the market place for years.

Some of the RAC Car Passport standard features are;

A complete car history check, including 10 alerts:

  • Outstanding Finance
  • Written Off
  • Stolen
  • Scrapped
  • Mileage Discrepancies
  • Exported
  • Imported
  • Number Plate Changes
  • Colour Changes
  • Interested Parties

Up to £30,000 of guarantee to cover your car history check data.


Why have the RAC developed RAC Car-Passport?

A thorough RAC Car Passport check can help you avoid the cars history coming back to haunt you. In the UK an average of 1 in 200 cars are sold despite having been marked for scrap. Motorists can potentially find their new car costing far more than they thought, and in many cases having to spend money on repairs they could have avoided. Additionally, driving a scrapped car is extremely hazardous and can potentially result in a dangerous accident, often with the driver being uninsured as a consequence.

Write-offs are another concern for the safety of drivers. It is illegal to drive a written-off car if it hasn’t been repaired properly, or had the appropriate Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) by the DVLA. To avoid being caught out by a miss-sold car, whenever buying from a private seller, it is important to personally confirm the car’s history to avoid any legal difficulty. The fact that 1 in 6 cars is an insurance write-off means that there are a lot of vehicles out there to be wary of, and failure to make the appropriate checks will mean you could be driving a car that could be illegal to be on the road.

There are a number of products currently available, which produce reports similar to the above, however none are as customer friendly and as simple to understand as the RAC Car Passport.


HPI check.

At Unbeatablecar we have used HPI Trade Check for over 30 years, and have been very happy with the great service and the excellent results. HPI is integrated with our central Dealer Management Software, and forms a key part of our pedigree check process. As HPI uses different databases and different ways of sourcing information, we feel our customers are best protected if we use both RAC Car Passport and HPI Trade Check systems, when checking our vehicles provenance. We have found the systems complement each other well, to give the highest level of history coverage.